Stitch Coffee - Coffee Drip Bag Isshu-kan Bubble Gum 110g
StrangeLove Premium Lo-Cal Very Mandarin 300Ml x 4 - GoodMates Fine Food
StrangeLove Premium Lo-Cal Very Mandarin 300Ml x 4 - GoodMates Fine Food
StrangeLove Premium Lo-Cal Very Mandarin 300Ml x 4
Stitch Coffee Home Compostable Pods SIGNATURE BLEND 52g
Unico Caffe 500ml 20% ABV
Somersault Soda Cola Pear and Lime 300ml - GoodMates Fine Food
Somersault Soda Cola Pear and Lime 330ml
Somersault Soda
Sale price $2.45 Regular price $3.50 Save $1.05
Sold Out
Jim Jam Strange Love Strawberry 300g - GoodMates Fine Food
Jim Jam Strange Love Strawberry 300g
Jim Jam Foods
La Violetta Spunk Nat 2021 (ABV 12.2%) 750mL - GoodMates Fine Food
La Violetta Spunk Nat 2021 (ABV 12.2%) 750mL
La Violetta
La Violetta Happy Nat 2021 (ABV 11.8%) 750mL - GoodMates Fine Food
La Violetta Happy Nat 2021 (ABV 11.8%) 750mL
La Violetta
Well Naturally Dark Chocolate - Mint Crisp No Sugar Added 90g
Well Naturally

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Vegan & Gluten-Free
Small batch condiments, with big flavours!
Drunken Sailor
Bone Broth!
Ready in seconds, as tasty and nutritious as homemade and easy to take on the go!
Nutra Organics

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Looking to buy Australian groceries online? Why not give Goodmates a shot? Here at Goodmates, we have an extensive variety of produce and foods that are produced sustainably and organically. Whether you are looking to go on a keto diet or gluten-free diet, we have got you covered with our range of healthy and sustainable products. 

Why is Choosing Sustainable Food Important?

It is no secret that the way we eat has a significant impact on our planet, which is why eating sustainably is an important practice that should be adopted in our daily lives. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make thoughtful, sustainable choices when it comes to food. One of the many ways include purchasing foods that are ethically sourced or farmed.

The food industry is one of the largest contributors to climate change, and this is due to the unsustainable practices of commercially-farmed products. By choosing to buy sustainable Australian food and groceries at our online store, you will have a peace of mind that ingredients used for your meals are farmed through sustainable means, causing minimal harm to the planet. By making small changes in the way we eat, we can help better preserve our planet for future generations. 

Shop for Sustainable Australian Groceries Online Now

Need ingredients to bake some healthy cookies, cook up a meal for your children or prepare post-gym meals for the rest of the week? Why not order your groceries online and have them delivered to your doorstep in Singapore to save a trip to the supermarket? Free delivery is also available with a minimum spend of $120. Not sure what to cook or bake? Visit our recipes page for inspiration now. 

Wholesalers looking for Australian beverage or food suppliers for cafes or restaurants can take a look at our full collection on our website.

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Fast shipping and by far one of the best prices for Australian products in Singapore!

May Ng

Moved to SG from Melbourne and it was hard to find gluten-free baking mixes. And the range here is great. Most definitely coming back for more.

Isla Mitchell

Coming back from a holiday in Australia to miss the coffee there! And here I can get pods from my faves. My only gripe is that I'm not fast enough to grab it before its OOS.

Diana Tan

My son is allergic to both nuts and gluten but shopping in Goodmates made it easy. Thank you Goodmates...

Nikki Lim

I love it here. They have improve their product selection.

Emma Loh

Bought some pantry items, for my son, living in Singapore. Its great how its convenient! Wished there was more alternative dairy though.

Georgia Baker
Melbourne, Australia