3 Best Australian Plant Based Milks To Try in Singapore

by GoodMates Fine Food

Craving a tasty and healthy dairy milk alternative? Look no further than plant-based milk! Crafted from nuts, seeds, grains, or legumes, these non-dairy drinks are brimming with nutrients, low in calories, and environmentally sustainable. What's more, they offer a plethora of benefits, such as better digestion, reduced inflammation, and a decreased risk of heart disease. With the surge of veganism and a growing focus on wellness, it's no wonder that plant-based milk is gaining momentum worldwide!

If you're ready to indulge in the scrumptiousness of plant-based milk, then check out our top three picks!

1. Bonsoy

Glimpses of its iconic yellow packaging and red cursive typography could be seen in most cafes and coffee spots now in Singapore. With its first growing presence in indie coffee spots in Australia, this tried and true soy milk is a go-to soy milk for baristas to create “micro-pearls” in the foams of many delicious lattes.

With Bonsoy, its range of plant-based, non-GMO milk isn't just a passing trend, it's been the brand's tradition, present, and future. And we strongly recommend making it a part of your life as well. Start off with a Bonsoy Milk 1L or go full steam ahead with a pack of 6 Bonsoy Soy Milk.

2. Alternative Dairy Co. Oat Milk

If soy milk is not for you, there is great-tasting oat milk like Alternative Dairy Co.’s oat milk. Starting from finely milling oat flour to brewing with natural enzymes and natural coastal water, its oat milk is light and nutty. Crafted with only five ingredients and using locally sourced Australian oats, this oat milk is simple, pure, and delightful. It is also gluten-nut-free, hence being one of the most allergen-friendly milk. Savour a silky-smooth and creamy texture in every cup. Switching to plant-based milk has never been easier with this pack of milk!

3. Ulu hye

With sustainable packaging and low-carbon footprint packaging, Ulu Hye is one of the many trusted nut milk base brands originating in Sydney. Without the weight of the liquid travelling from one end of the globe to another, it utilises lesser fuel to reach your refrigerator. This also prevents many milk cartons and other plastic milk bottles from reaching landfills.

One jar of Mylk Base can make up to 10 litres of nutty milky goodness! It’s like magic in a jar! Say goodbye to store-bought milk and hello to delicious, homemade milk made right from the comfort of your own home.

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