Boogie at Home with GoodMates with Natural Wines & More!

by GoodMates Fine Food

Getting ready to host an epic party? First and foremost: thirst-quenching liquids, which shall accompany convos of the century with your guests like climate change.

What's a party without the perfect drinks? Whether you're mixing up some boozy cocktails or serving up refreshing mocktails, the beverages you choose can make or break your party game. Get ready to raise your glasses and take your party to the next level with GoodMates! You will be taking the title of “Best Host of the Year" and let us show you how!

Here are some ideas:

1. Unicorn Water

You can't say you always Netflix and Chill if you don't know this water yet - Three Bays Sparkling Water, dubbed the 'Unicorn' of Mineral Water in a Broadsheet Melbourne article. It has a cult following in the US and Europe fine water society and was celebrated in Zac Efron's documentary Down to Earth. It is one with the highest minerality or TDS (23 out of 24 minerals), which is actually required by our bodies! Stop drinking and serving supermarket aisles bottled water and no, please don't drink tap water in Singapore, and for sure please don't serve it to your guests! Get festive, go all out and serve this fine-dining standard Unicorn Water instead.

2. For the Anti-Hangovers

Serve non-alcoholic drinks that taste exactly like their alcoholic counterparts. Consider the artisanal Italian aperitifs, Senza from Daylesford, or crystal-infused Lunae Sparkling Water. Prefer something fun and reminiscent of the good old times? Functional prebiotic bobby sodas (yes, the cola flavour you are used to now comes with fibres that are good for your guts) are non-alcoholic drinks that your guests will never say no to. And of course, you cannot forget the pre-mixed non-alcoholic whisky sour or G&T by Monday Distillery - so you don't have to get your hands dirty when they're asking for seconds! Pregnant friends won't have to miss out on the fun either!

3. Natural Wines for the Wine Snob

Hosting a party with wine lovers? Tell them you're stocking the latest Pet Nats, organic and natural or lo-fi wines from down under. Made in small batches and au naturale, the funky designs on these bottles of natural wines will add to the list of reasons why they will always be the talk of the town. Not sure where to start? We're talking Konpira Maru, La Violetta, Dormilona, Unico Zelo, DAS Juice, Delinquente, ARC, Architects of Wine, Ada Wines, Sunny and Frederick Stevenson.

Buy Natural Wines and More Online!

As you can see, we here at GoodMates are a sucker for tasty products with cool packaging, from meaningful brands, run by passionate small producers who care for the planet. Browse our website which boasts an extensive selection of non-alcoholic drinks and more and support us and our vendors!

Sip your way through the season with upcoming deals, and shop online for aesthetically pleasing, gift-able products at GoodMates! 


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