Gluten Free Foods and More for the Conscious Foodie

by GoodMates Fine Food

Looking for wholesome treats for the conscious foodie? Let’s face it, snacking is probably one of the biggest challenges in many of our health and fitness journeys. Whether you find yourself getting hungry between meals or you’re just craving something sweet, reaching out for a snack is often the go-to way to perk us up. But how can you snack your day away yet still remain healthy?

Being mindful of the food you consume, helps to influence wiser choices about what you eat in the future. It can also help you free yourself from unhealthy habits. But how can you be certain that the foods that you are choosing are indeed good for you? Are all gluten-free foods filled with nutrients? Does consuming sugar-free foods mean that your sugar levels will always be kept at optimal levels? Well, it all depends. And one of the factors it depends on is the brand of the product.

Here’s a selection of brands for anyone that’s looking out for mindful products.

1. Love Tea: To Share with the People You Love 

At Love Tea, they skilfully craft, blend and pack each of their products in Victoria, Australia. They collaborate with growers and small-scale cooperatives around the world to fairly source organic ingredients. Their food products, mainly tea, are thoughtfully and uniquely designed, to ensure optimum therapeutic benefit, exceptional flavour, and minimal impact on the environment. We hope Love Tea inspires you to make time to appreciate the quiet moments, take care of your health, and share great tea with people you love.

Try out their Love Tea Wellness Sample Selection 8 Pyramid Bags (20g), and get a taste of what this wonderful brand is all about! The wellness selection box includes two individually wrapped sachets of each of the following blends: Sleep, skin glow, digestive and detox — the perfect non-alcoholic drink to sip on as you get through the day.

2. Broth & Co: Family Products

Broth & Co is a Melbourne family company creating quality, energising and nutrient-dense foods for the modern foodie who understands that food can be your medicine. Their food products are all gluten-free, made with real food, and sourced and made in Australia.

They also carry the VegEase Kids range, which doubles as a great food hack for fussy little eaters, especially since they also include lunch box friendly snacks.

3. Bobby: Unconventional Prebiotic Soft Drink

Bobby is a brand born and bred in Melbourne and is certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active. Bobby’s packaging is also fully recyclable since it is made from recycled aluminium cans and cardboard slabs, and they are still constantly trying to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Most importantly, their prebiotic soft drink contains a premium all-natural prebiotic, proven to aid digestion, increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut and improve general well-being. Brace yourself for a soft drink contradiction that tastes so good, you won't believe it's low in sugar and calories, and contains zero preservatives or artificial flavours. Soft drink with health benefits, and big, thirst-quenching flavours — what more can one ask for?

Not sure which of their non-alcoholic drinks to chug down the next time you get your hand on a can? Try out Bobby’s unconventional soft drink, available in 4 flavours, at GoodMates! Be it the Bobby Cola, Bobby Orange, Bobby Berry or Bobby Lemon, these non-alcoholic drinks with prebiotics will help you ace adulting.

And there you have it! A list of our favourite brands that offer snacks and drinks that you can revel in when you shop from our organic food store in Singapore. Shop and munch til’ you drop!

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