How Better Looking Non-Alcoholic Drinks are Good for You

by GoodMates Fine Food

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Did you know that aesthetically pleasing products create a positive reaction in the limbic system — the part of the brain that’s involved in behavioural and emotional responses? Good designs, when seen time and again, will help to retain a joyous memory in this area of the brain. 

So if you are a boss of a company looking to keep your employees happy. Here’s our PSA: Dear bosses, happy people are happy hard workers.

Whether you're an office aunty in charge of stocking the fridge and pantry with supplies, or if you are bored of all the junk food, and sugary and meaningless drinks that are stocked up in the fridge, read on. (Or send this blog to the aunty, your boss, your colleagues or even the entire office to get full support. You know the drill.)

Not only are these non-alcoholic drinks prettily packaged - giving you the happy 'feels' - they're actually packed with good, if not great, ingredients.

1. Caroline's Apple Cider Yuzu Cola 300g

Caroline's Apple Cider Yuzu Cola 300g

With a century of delicious goodness in every bottle, apple cider vinegar is renowned for improving gut health, weight management, boosting digestion, regulating blood sugar, decreasing inflammation, and cholesterol health and fighting infection. A beverage that’s rich in prebiotics, every bottle of Caroline's Apple Cider- Yuzu Cola contains 6 probiotic strains, live mother, zero sugar, and 1.5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Accompanied by the slogan “We put the original gangster on a health kick,” these delicious non-alcoholic drinks will give you a much-needed health boost as you quench your thirst.

There are also two other delicious flavours to choose from — Yuzu Ginger and Yuzu — with each containing only 5 calories.

2. Supermate Soda - Original 330ml

Supermate Soda - Original 330ml

Another non-alcoholic drink to buy in Singapore for your office pantry is the Supermaté Soda - Original. Made with brewed organic tea, that is sustainably sourced from a small and independent producer in Misiones Argentina. 

But that’s not all! This non-alcoholic drink is pumped with the naturally potent power of Yerba Maté. It is said that Yerba Maté can relieve fatigue, aid in weight loss, ease depression, and help treat headaches and various other conditions. 

What you also need to know is that Supermaté is subtly sweet and perfect for mixing but without the calories from a heap of sugar. It is strong stuff but we reckon caffeine naturally derived from tea gives a smoother ride. Definitely for those days when you want to ditch coffee or if you've had more than 2 cups already.

3. Three Bays Sparkling Water 750ml/ 330ml

Three Bays Sparkling Water 750ml/ 330ml

Introducing the world’s most unique water at our organic food store in Singapore. The "Unicorn" of Mineral Water, Three Bays Sparkling Water, has been making waves in the fine water world. 

It has a cult following in mineral water-obsessed Europe after twice being recognised by the Fine Water Society as the most unique water in the world. In the USA, its high minerality, or TDS (total dissolved solids), was even celebrated in a popular Netflix documentary. Now having this water stocked up in the office pantry is a next-level company benefit, isn't it?

At our artisanal organic food shop in Singapore, we bring in beverages and a range of Australian products that pose as healthier food options for your office pantry. Buy non-alcoholic drinks easily in Singapore on our online — shop away and enjoy free delivery when you cart out with an order worth $80! And aunty, please contact us for bulk-order, we do give discounts!

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