Non-Alcoholic Drinks with Prebiotics to Ace Adulting

by GoodMates Fine Food

Remember those old days?

So young and free, running around with sweat trickling down your forehead. Playing with marbles, jump ropes, hopscotch and kites.

Even the sun hit differently. Hot, but not as scorching hot as it is now. Less global warming perhaps. 

And then you go to your neighbourhood shop to grab a can of cola-flavoured soft drink to quench your thirst. Maybe those pink or orange coloured, raspberry and orange flavoured ones used to catch your attention. Although these fizzy drinks tasted far from the real fruits, these flavours probably stuck with you throughout your childhood.

Then comes the time to start adulting. And you were told many things like sugar is bad for you. Soft drinks equal junk food. Carbs are bad for you. And your career gives you indigestion. Damn.

But guess what? Just like everything has evolved, so have drinks! And there are now non-alcoholic, sugar-free and gluten-free options that can solve your adulting woes. 

Enter: bobby. The Melbourne-produced non-alcoholic drink tastes just like the classics but is low-sugar, low calorie, and is all natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. 

Non-Alcoholic Drink That is Good for You

bobby soda

Ever heard of a soda that not only tastes good but is also good for you? The entire bobby range contains Sunfiber - a very high-quality prebiotic fibre - in four flavours including Cola, Orange, Lemon, and Berry

The brainchild and founder of bobby created this brand to bridge the gap between full sugar, artificially filled soft drinks and tasteless ‘functional' flavoured water. This was done by understanding the 'childhood' flavours consumers are still seeking daily and injecting them with the goodness that prebiotics has to offer. The result? A thirst-quenching, gluten-free, non-alcoholic drink that has big flavours and is full of all-natural prebiotics that aid in digestion.

There you go.

A sustainable brand which produces non-alcoholic drinks that increase the beneficial bacteria growth in your gut and is low in sugar — what more could one ask for? But that’s not all! With completely recyclable packaging, the brand is on their way to offsetting any carbon admitted during production. 

Yes.. bobby.. hitting all the right flavours, while doing business the right way. 

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