The race for plant-based gluten-free foods

by GoodMates Fine Food

While the rest of Singapore is in a race to invent streaky plant-based bacon and faux chicken fillets, we decided to give you variety by bringing plant-based condiments from Down Under instead.

Meet Dibble. 100% Aussie-made vegan sauces and mayo that is cholesterol-free, gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and nut-free - perfect for your allergy-prone buddies and babies. Their flavours are game-changing; you would not even believe they are not the usual mayonnaise or sour cream!

Other than pure goodness, Dibble is also on a mission to promote greater awareness of the long-term effects that food can have on the environment in the future. Dibble wants to show you that you can make a positive impact, just with a simple jar of condiment. It takes 83 litres of water to produce the egg content in an average jar of traditional mayonnaise - what?!

So long conventional mayo, move over to Dibble Mayo (300g).

Gluten-free Dibble Mayo, your vegan-friendly mayo alternative 

The perfect partner for your 'wiches and salads - you would need a plant-based mayo for your plant-based ham and Schnitz, right? Or level it up: mix with herbs like basil, wholegrain mustard or Sriracha for that next level toasted sandwich. Caesar Salad? That is plant-based? Not a far-fetched dream anymore! Pick up that plant-based bacon, greens and smother them with this plant-based vegan mayo that has 36% less fat AND saves 83L water. Coleslaw, Tacos, Sushi... endless options. And it’s easy to get your hands on this (or any other Dibble vegan products online) with our grocery delivery service across Singapore. Right from Australia — fresh, healthy and delicious!

(Psst, try out this Dibble Chipotle Mayo (300 g) as well on your Burritos, Quesadilla, and Poke Bowls.)

Give it a tangy kick

Their plant-based vegan Dibble Sour Cream (300g)? Free from coconuts, palm oil, nuts and soy! (Need we remind you of the effect of the palm oil industry?) Imagine your tacos, baked potato, pumpkin soup, mushroom stroganoff made with this perfect, thick, rich and creamy vegan sour cream without involving any cow. Yes. Curious? Do them and yourself a favour and level up your Tacos and Quesadillas night with this awesome dip! 

Enjoy sweet buttery goodness without the guilt

Forget the eggs, remember the taste! That is Dibble Garlic Aioli (300g) tagline. THIS is the missing link that you have been looking for a vegan, plant-based food lover. With 28% less fat and 88 litres less water involved, you will get good karma while enjoying your vegetable tempura and sweet potato fries. Need a mate for your plant-based burger or oven-roasted vegetables? Pair them up together and let your taste bud sings "yum yum yum yum yum yum yum"!

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