Unique Office Gift Ideas in Singapore

by GoodMates Fine Food

Finding a cool and unique gift that will impress any recipient can be a challenge even for the most experienced of gift-givers. But fret not! We’ve got you covered with our unique office gift ideas. Forget your ordinary gifts, and make your work colleagues or even your loved ones feel special with our selected unique gifting ideas, all the way from Australia! We hope this gift guide comes in handy!

1. Sparkling Cuvée For the Non-alcoholic

Enter the new wave of non-alcoholic drinks, with this beautiful bottled Polka De-Alc Lilly Pilly Cuvée Sparkling 750ML that is suitable for the home party or even at the workplace — talk about a professional office party! It is a de-alcoholised South Australian wine (97%), with wild harvested, native Lilly Pilly and contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C). A Polka drop first vintage release, this non-alcoholic drink boasts a specialised blend of 11 white wine varietals. Each was selected to balance the flavour and texture once the alcohol was removed. Utilising low temperature distillation and 40 years of wine-making experience, the Polka team has created a sparkling non-alcoholic drink that they are very pleased with (finally!)

2. Chai Concentrate For the Chai Lovers

Know someone who has to have a cup of chai every day? Well, guess what? Here at GoodMates, we’ve got Fly High Chai Concentrate 300ml.

Fly High Chai Concentrate has a high tea content and uses freshly ground spices to create a strong malty flavour that compliments the creaminess of well-textured milk. The addition of fresh ginger, and panela instead of honey, also promotes a balanced spice that you or your recipient will never be able to get enough of.

Think your giftee might fall head over heels for a gift that has more of a kick? Spice up their life with Fly High Chilli Chai Concentrate! Yes, they contain Chilli! Fly high on chai as this syrup has high tea content and can easily be toned down when mixed in some milk. Serve it over ice or heat the beverage to your desired temperature and revel in the strong malty flavour.

3. Chilli Honey For the Taste Eater

Looking for another unique gift to bring to the office or back home to your loved ones? We’ve got Quinby's Chilli Honey 200ml, made with only Australian wildflower honey, and habanero chilli. Quinby's is Australia's latest Hot Honey created on the outskirts of Sydney. After a visit to New York and experiencing the original Mike's Hot Honey, the guys from Quinby's wanted to create their own version using local Australian ingredients. The Australian wildflower honey is infused at a low temperature with habanero chilli to deliver one hell of a kick in addition to all the dreams that this drizzle is made of. Simply drizzle this spicy hot sauce over your favourite pizza, fried chicken, soft cheese, hard cheese, gelato, hot chips, popcorn and burgers and inject your meal with an unrivalled fiery and floral sweetness.

4. Unfiltered Apple Cider For the Vinegar Lover

We’ve also got Gaga’s Gut Loving Apple Cider Vinegar 750ml, if you’re looking for organic food products in Singapore! Gaga's certified organic apple cider vinegar is produced in small batches in Melbourne, with apples sourced within 3 hours of their kitchen. It’s perfect for salad dressings or as a refreshing spritzer. And given that this apple cider from Gaga is unfiltered and contains the mother, you can add it to your morning tonic to kickstart your digestive system. It is packed with anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids, is free from apple juice concentrate and always contains “the mother”.

5. Italian Dark Roast For the Coffee Drinkers


Looking for a coffee liqueur for the proper coffee drinkers? Mr Black Roasters & Distillers have joined forces with Aussie coffee icons ST. ALi to launch the Mr Black ITALO DISCO Coffee Liqueur and we’ve got the ST. ALi x Mr Black Italo Disco Coffee Liqueur 700mL.

A celebration of the original pioneers of coffee in Australia, this new release by Mr. Black is light and nuanced, unlike the typical, big and brash bitter-sweet coffee that we’re used to. Honeycomb, addormenta suocere, dark spice and hints of orange zest all play a role in delivering a long, bittersweet finish. Taking inspiration from traditional Italian espresso, and the ST ALi coffee that bears the ITALO DISCO name, this special edition is a must-try for the country’s coffee obsessed.

Damn delicious in an espresso martini or on the rocks, drink it how you like it.

6. Choco Motto For the Chocoholic

Come on! Who does not love chocolates? While this might not necessarily seem like a cool office gift at face value, we’ve got craft chocolate from Melbourne — that has to add to the overall uniqueness of our choco bars, right? Birdsnake teamed up with Chotto Motto, and collaborated to create a unique flavour. Crispy chilli in chocolate! Think warm winter spices paired with crispy Japanese rice crisps. If that doesn’t excite you, what will? Explore the range of craft chocolate from Birdsnake, grab them now, while supplies last.

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