10 Ways to Eat Crackers

by Hannah Ibrahim

10 Cracker Topping Recipes

Why crackers?

Crackers are a great versatile snack and can be eaten savory or sweet. For entertaining or for your own consumption, cracker with toppings are easy to make. With layers that contrasts yet complement each other, you will be blown away by the 10 different ways to eat crackers!

Listed below are 8 savory ways and 2 sweet recipes. We recommend our Curiously Cauli crackers to up your nutrient intake or to lower your carb intake. Available in both plain and rosemary & garlic flavors...

Or if you want something eye-catching and unique you can try our The Fine Cheese Co charcoal square cracker to impress your guests with the odd grey color of the cracker!

But all crackers would work with these recipes. Find one that works for you and your palate!


#1 Feta & Tomato


Feta’s natural sour note is brightened with naturally sweet yet savory tomatoes. Simply thinly slice your cheese and tomato. Layer your feta first then place your tomato on top.

#2 Avocado, Lime & Salsa

A balance of good fats, spicy and sour.
Layer thinly sliced avocado, squeeze a bit of lime over and top it with finely diced salsa. Or you can get our favourite spicy Nogo jalapeno salsa here.  (if you store bought salsa is chunky, you can mash it down before adding it on top of your cracker.)

#3 Cream cheese & Bacon

You cannot go wrong with cream cheese. It is mild and has a slight sourness that will contrast well with the greasy and salty bacon.
Just spread some of cream cheese and sprinkle, chopped bacon on top!

#4 Nut Butter & Pear/Apples

There are many nut butters to use out there but we like to use our almond butter from Noya because it has a stronger nutty flavor, more savory and higher richness than standard peanut butter. It also has added nutrients too!
Before adding thinly sliced apples, spread some almond butter (or any nut butter of your choice) on to the crackers!

#5 Pâté

Pâté, a spread, usually made out of forcemeats or liver, could come from pork, poultry, fish or beef. Its strong livery taste is musk and flavor enhanced by added vegetables, herbs and spices. It is no wonder it is not for everyone.
With a small dollop of Pâté spread on top of crackers, you can eat its richness in moderation!

#6 Hummus & Prosciutto

Similar to cream cheese and bacon, hummus has a mild flavor that pairs well with prosciutto’s salty and meaty taste. However hummus being healthier than cheese, and lighter, you might like this variation more!
Simple spread your hummus on first before folding and adding thinly shaved prosciutto.

#7 Pesto

Assuming that there is always pesto on hand. This is a go-to recipe when you need a quick no-brainer & last-minute appetizer. It is simple and nice.
Just spread pesto on your cracker.

#8 Tuna & Cheese

Simple and cost effective. That's it. 
Spread some tuna and add on your preferred slice cheese on top. 
Cheddar sounds good!

#9 Ricotta, Blueberry & Honey

Ricotta is milder than cream cheese and resembles whip cream more than any cheeses out there. This simple dessert like combination is easy to make too!
A dollop of ricotta spread well, layer on some blueberries (might be easier to layer with it cut in halves) and drizzle on some honey. 

#10 Peanut Butter & Banana

This classic combination on bread, was a surprisingly delicious on crackers too! Try our Mayver's dark roasted peanut butter to give it that "oomph" and extra crunch.
Simply spread some peanut butter and top it with thinly sliced banana. 

If you did some of these recipes, share a picture of your creations on IG story (tagging us) and stand a chance to be featured on our Instagram Account, @goodmates.sg! 

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