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    With the masses going nuts about this dairy-free milk, plant-based milk has been popping up everywhere. Alongside the rising concerns amongst people to maintain optimal health, the environment, and animal welfare, plant-based milk has slowly been gaining popularity in Singapore and beyond. From foodies blogging about it to renowned cafes offering them as a milk alternative for their beverages, its popularity is a hype that will surely never die down. 

    For years, people turned to cows for milk. Slowly, goat’s milk came into the picture. And while these were seen as traditional approaches to attaining a fresh glass of milk, the issue of lactose intolerance and other dietary issues were never addressed. But these days, the world of plant milk is vast, with a plethora of versions made from soy, grains, nuts and seeds to try in Singapore and beyond.

    Why Drink Plant Milk?

    Advocates of plant-based milk believe that these lactose-free substitutes do not only taste great but come with a range of health benefits. Being predominantly made from water, plant-based milk has less fat content than other types of milk. It is also said to be rich in vitamins and minerals and is void of any cholesterol. The perfect option for vegans, vegetarians and those who have a sensitive digestive system, these kinds of milk are great for those looking to follow a low-fat and calorie diet. Capable of promoting cardiovascular health and great skin too, the abundance of fiber within a pint of plant milk remains unrivalled compared to other types of milk.

    Buy Plant-Based Milk Online at GoodMates

    Whether you have dietary restrictions or abide by specific environmental and ethical virtues, plant-based milk is one to consider adding to your diet simply to reap its health benefits. With the convenience of online shopping, you no longer need to lug your cartons of plant milk from the grocery store. All you have to do is buy them online on GoodMates in the comfort of your own home and have cartons of plant-based milk delivered right to your doorstep in Singapore within two to three business days.

    Here at GoodMates, we aim to make healthy and sustainable produce accessible to all in Singapore. As such, beyond our selection of plant milk, you can also find a wide selection of organic produce, gluten-free foods and even superfoods for a health boost on our website. Browse through our full catalogue and place an order online today.

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