Looking for new, alternative or indie food & beverages from Australia? GoodMates can be that supplier for you.

Aside from the products that you can see on our site, we are also the exclusive distributor for few products below. Please click on the "Wholesale Enquiry" button above to register your interest!

Featured products

Monday Distillery

Non-alcoholic cocktails that tastes exactly like the real thing. GoodMates is the exclusive distributer for Monday Distillery in Singapore.

Monday Distillery Collection


Monceau is an ultra low-alc alternative to sparkling wine. Parc Pils is the latest project by Monceau, a Melbourne-based team passionate about delicious and sophisticated non-alc beverages.

Monceau Co. Collection

Curiously Cauli

Alternative dips and crackers that are gluten free, has no added sugar and low allergen Curiously Cauli's convenience snacks are a thing of wonder.

Curiously Cauli Collection

A Non-Alcoholic Aperitif mixed with bitter orange, herbs and our signature Gentian Root. Take a sip and you're transported to Italy!

Senza Collection


A happier and healthier drinking with Somersault sodas, has no artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Fresh organic fruit juice, 50% less organic cane sugar and natural flavours. (Psst, great sodas for toddlers and kids).

Somersault Collection


A non-alcoholic de-alc sparkling cuvée that was much more than fizzy grape juice, made from South Australian with wild harvested, native Lilly Pilly. A beauty for celebration and gifting.

Polka Collection

Dibble the go-to option for all diets or simply, for a better planet. Dibble are allergen friendly, free from gluten, soy, nuts, GMOS, eggs and dairy.

Dibble Collection


Fun and healthier snacks from Australia. Stacked with real ingredients, perfect for snacking, breaking and sharing.

Wallaby Collection


​0% Guilt 100% Tasty! Certified Vegan and gluten-free gummy's, ​crafted with plant-based prebiotic fibre that loves ya guts​.

Funday Collection
Lunae Sparkling

Sparkling signature range is botanically infused. Positively charged. Forever tasteful. It go through a unique brewing process where spring water is filtered through positively-charged crystals over 24-hours to transfer their energy frequencies into the drink.

Lunae Sparkling Collection


Made with love, WITH NO SUGAR! Carefully crafted to bring you convenient, lower sugar, lower carb and allergen friendly options that really satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Why overload on sugar when you can easily enjoy Noshu!

Nöshu Collection

Health Lab

Pure plant-based ingredients that deliver a heavenly snacking experience! The best-seller across Australian aisles!

Health Lab Collection
El Valle

El Valle has been in the market for 20 years. Hailing from Spain, they offer a wide range of products that range from classic potato chips, with the greatest respect to their tradition, to the most modern and casual snacks. Chips with unique and innovative flavours of the market, to satisfy the most demanding and daring palates.

El Valle Collection


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