Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program: "Get Good Points!"

Referral Program

Sign up to our "Good Points" Program and start referring!

Refer to your friends and,

You will get:
1) $10 Voucher*

Your friends will get:
1) $10 Voucher*

And it's all FREE! With no frills!
(i.e. You won't even have to pay for delivery)

Point System

 Signup 200 Good Points
 Place an order 5 Good Points for every $1 spent
 Its Your Birthday! 200 Good Points
 Like Our Facebook Page! 100 Good Points
 Follow Us On Instagram! 100 Good Points 
 Share About Us On Facebook! 50 Good Points
Share About Us On Twitter! 50 Good Points

Ways to redeem?

Redemption Methods Discount Type Points Deducted
Free shipping coupon Free shipping coupon Free shipping 500 Good Points
Order discount Order discount Amount discount 100 Good Points = $1


How to Sign Up?

1. Click on the blue star button at the bottom corner of your page. Or click on this sign up link

    (Looks like the above)

    2. Next, the loyalty program will pop up.

    3. Click on the "Join now" button.

    4. Then after, follow the onscreen instructions