5 Benefits of Consuming Sugar-Free Products

by GoodMates Fine Food

Sugar can be found in many processed and natural foods. It is a type of chemical compound from the carbohydrates family that is known to provide energy to the body. However, excessive sugar consumption has been linked to several chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more. Add to that the fact that sugar can further stimulate hunger hormones and cause individuals to eat more sugary foods, mitigating the risk of a vicious cycle of sugar addiction becomes a must. This has brought about a rise in a sugar-free lifestyle. 

Capable of providing one with a full stream of benefits, eating sugar-free products is not a mere diet fad that people follow to lose weight — it is a lifestyle change that can benefit both your body and mind. 

All set to take on the challenge of slowly giving up on the sweet stuff? Here are five more reasons why you should: 

1. Decreases the Chances of Obesity

Obesity is more often than not heavily tied to the high intake of sugar regularly. This is mainly because sugar is mostly made up of empty calories with little to no nutritional value — this means that the consumption of sugar benefits the body in no way or form and only adds to the total calorie intake. Moreover, as mentioned, high sugar consumption will also reduce the production of a hormone that makes you feel full and increases another hormone that incites your appetite. It tricks the body into eating more by making you crave more. It also in turn promotes the production of excess fats in the body for storage. Therefore, by cutting back on sugar consumption, unhealthy weight gain can be kept at bay and your metabolism can stay regulated.

2. Lowers the Chances of Developing Onset of Chronic Diseases

Excess sugar intake can cause the body to store excess energy as fats. This could accumulate in the blood vessels and cause the early onset of pulmonary diseases and heart problems. 

Another chronic disease that might develop is Type 2 Diabetes. Firstly, added sugars are a form of refined carbohydrates, and it triggers the body into absorbing the carbohydrate molecules extremely quickly into the bloodstream. This constant exposure to sugar at rapid rates increases the resistance of insulin production by the pancreas, causing blood sugar levels to spike. As such, by reducing or even completely eliminating sugar from your diet, you can help reduce the risk of developing such chronic conditions.

3. Boosts Overall Energy

Ever had a sugar-filled meal or drank a can of energy drink only to feel extremely energetic? Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “sugar rush” when kids are seen jumping around after eating some candy? While a sugar rush is a true phenomenon, so is a “sugar crash”. 

“Sugar crash” is the reason why the body might feel lethargic with high sugar intake. It is the extended period of time when sugar is processed in the body and stored as fats. This is an immediate follow-up to a short energy spike after the intake of sugar. 

With decreased sugary snacks and reaching for healthier snack alternatives like nuts, the body can naturally increase energy levels with few unpleasant after-effects. 

4. Improves Dental Health

Consuming sugar promotes the growth of bacteria in the teeth. This bacteria growth promotes an acidic environment in the mouth that slowly eats away at the teeth’s enamel. This means that the constant drinking of sugary drinks or consumption of sugary snacks exposes the teeth to destructive bacterial acids that can lead to tooth decay.

So aside from constant brushing of the teeth, the reduction of sugary intake will in turn help with the decreased probability of tooth decay.

5. Lesser Unhealthy Cravings

Sugar is addictive due to the increased production of the hormone ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone, which increases your appetite by telling the brain that you’re still hungry. But if sugar intake is limited – by consciously choosing healthier sugar-free alternatives for beverages and foods – the unhealthy sugar cycle can be broken, and the cravings will begin to diminish. 

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