The Ultimate Office Snacks Checklist

by GoodMates Fine Food

There’s no denying that snacking often gets a bad reputation. But is it really that bad? Here’s the deal! It depends on what you choose to snack on and after all, it's backed by Science that snacking might actually be good for you!

The Benefits of Snacking

This might be a no-brainer, but snacking keeps your hunger level on an even keel. Ever felt lethargic at work or simply need a quick energy boost to speed past your do-to list? Snacks provide some much-needed boost of energy if several hours pass between meals and your blood glucose levels have dropped. Moreover, snacking can even help curb your appetite to prevent overeating at the next meal.

Choose wisely though thou who art happily reading this. 

Look out for snacks with fiber, protein and good quality ingredients so that you do not risk losing out on important nutrients.

Whether you are looking for healthy snacks for the office pantry or need some to keep by your desk-side at home, these are our top 3 picks:

1. Fine Fettle Baked Flats Organic Broccoli with Mixed Greens 80g

Fine Fettle Baked Flats Organic Broccoli with Mixed Greens 80g

The Fine Fettle Baked Flats Organic Broccoli with Mixed Greens is literally real vegetables dried into a grain-based Flat. Though tasty on their own, you can pair them with healthy dips like hummus, cream cheese or nut butter. 

These particular flats are made from broccoli (36%), brown rice, quinoa, linseed, sesame seeds, chia, mixed green vegetables (4%) (spinach, kale, silverbeet), tamari (soybeans, water, salt) garlic powder, and salt. Show me a healthier, ingredient-dense snack.

The producer is also one to champion. They source seconds and imperfect produce, such as those that are too “ugly”, weather damaged, or not the right size and use the whole fruit or vegetable where possible. This means that they keep the skin on or upcycle lesser-used parts of vegetables to create these delicious new cracker-like snacks.

2. Forager Fruits Freeze Dried Blueberries 15g

Forager Fruits Freeze Dried Blueberries 15g

The Forager Fruits Freeze Dried Blueberries are a pack of 100% blueberries that are free from gluten, sulphur, added sugar, artificial or added colours and flavours. First, the blueberries are washed and frozen, and then freeze-dried to retain all the nutrients that you would find in the fresh alternatives. 

After 24 hours in the freeze dryer, they are packed into specialised bags where they have a 2-year shelf life. Talk about avoiding food waste!

Each bag contains the equivalent of 107 grams of fresh blueberries or 1 daily fruit serving.

3. Funday Sour Vegan Gummy Bears 50g

Funday Sour Vegan Gummy Bears 50g

Who said you can’t enjoy mouth-watering fruity deliciousness in a healthy way? With a juicy mix of raspberry, apple, and lemon flavours, these cheeky little Funday Sour Vegan Gummy Bears will have you puckered up in no time while giving you a healthy punch of gut-loving prebiotic fibre!

These sour gummy bears come from natural and vegan-certified ingredients, with no-sugar-added and no sugar alcohols! And as you all know, no sugar alcohol means no nasty laxative effect.

Now, the snacks are sorted! Need more snack options for your office? At GoodMates, we bring in office pantry supplies and a range of other pantry goods like chips, chocolates, and confectioneries that are made in the land down under. Offering you healthier snack options for your pantry, leading a healthier lifestyle has never been easier. 

You can buy healthy snacks for your office and home pantry easily in Singapore with our online organic food store powerhouse — shop away and enjoy free delivery when you cart out with an order worth $80!

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