Best Superfoods in Singapore For An Aphrodisiacs Kick

by GoodMates Fine Food

Spruce up this month of love with "bedroom" tonic and aphrodisiac superfood!

Let's face it. Modern living makes us want more adoration, appreciation and love.

Our current life pace is too fast that sometimes we feel unseen or unheard and stuck. At a click of a button, we have an unlimited flow of information and entertainment. We excessively feed ourselves with stimulants - caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes - while overthinking and worrying about work-life balance and personal targets. Add anxiety and emotional traumas: lost of job, loss of loved ones, lost opportunities, the list goes on.. especially in the past 2 years of the pandemic.

Where do we begin?

The simplest one: SELF-LOVE. Before we take care of another, start with yourself. Let these adaptogens and superfoods — available in Singapore through our online Australian grocery store — help you cultivate your spirit and mind.

Top 3 adaptogens to include in your diet 

Adaptogens basically are non-toxic plants that have been present in Chinese (TCM) & Ayurvedic healing traditions for centuries.

Before we jump into 'aphrodisiac' ones, let's cover the ones for your MVP -  you.

Mix these three adaptogens into your daily intake:

1. Reishi Mushroom by Teelixir

Immunity boostingReishi mushrooms have been used for thousands of years as a superfood fungus and one of the best supplements to reduce stress, increase energy, and promote healthy ageing and longevity. It is regarded as the best spirit elevating tonics that positively promotes mental well-being, health benefits, calmness, and helps cultivate more peace, love and happiness in one's life. Amid the hustle of work life in Singapore, this is probably what you need.

2. Schizandra Berry by Teelixir

One of the premier adaptogenic herbs, it is known to strengthen the whole body and is considered a superior rejuvenating and youth-preserving herb. A beauty tonic, it nourishes and preserves the skin. It is also a powerful tonic to the brain and mind, promotes calmness and reduces stress. (Psst, it also increases sexual energy and endurance).

3. Pearl Beauty Tonic by Teelixir

Skin care secret of Chinese royalties, pearl powder brightens the complexion and maintains vitality and sexual energy well into old age. TCM also believes it improves restless sleep, anxiety and irritability, concentrated thinking, and mental fatigue. It is believed to be a great herb for PMS as well!

Tantalise the bedroom experience with aphrodisiac superfoods

Now, moving on to the more exciting part - cultivating passion and desire with your S.O. ("Significant Other") - let's cover these libido-loving superfoods and adaptogens:

1. Mushroom Cacao Latte by Teelixir

Cocoa are well-known aphrodisiacs. Filled with feel-good compounds, elevated with Reishi in this blend, this cocoa drink will stimulate the nervous system and trigger endorphin and dopamine release.

2. Ashwaganda Root by Teelixir

A classic aphrodisiac tonic, this root has been used for centuries to improve sexual prowess, treat sexual weakness and performance anxiety, as well as diminish sexual desire - basically fixes all forms of sexual dysfunction.

3. Cordyceps Mushroom by Teelixir

A potent tonic for impotence, sexual malaise, frigidity and infertility, particularly by increasing hormone production, sperm quantity and quality. Amongst the best-studied adaptogen, it increases testosterone level in both young and elderly men, reduces fatigue and improves blood flow, making it a useful all-around energy and fertility booster, directly stimulating sex centres in both the male and female brain. 

Now, another trick, adaptogens gifted as gift, is another romantic prelude as it releases oxytocin - the "feel-good" chemical that promotes bonding and connection. Given the right circumstance, gifting these super tonics can be genuinely seductive.

Go on kids. You're welcome.

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