The Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Snacks Swap

by GoodMates Fine Food

One of the best ways to maintain your health at optimal levels is to make simple substitutions to facilitate healthy eating. We say “Swap this with that!” So, if you are looking out for a healthier alternative, without compromising your diet, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick comparison guide on what products we carry that you may consider swapping with. Peace!

1. Bobby

Swap your regular coke with Bobby’s cola soft drink! A non-alcoholic drink with prebiotics that helps you ace adulting, forget those fizzy sugar-filled carbonated drinks, and sip on Bobby! 

This Melbourne-produced non-alcoholic drink tastes just like a can of classic cola but also boasts several benefits such as having less sugar and being lower in calories! All natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, the fact that it increases the beneficial bacteria growth in your gut only adds to its appeal. Yes, you read that right! It is full of prebiotics and thirst-quenching big flavours, ready to invade your taste buds and make your gut happy! Here's your alternative choice of soft drink for healthy living. 

2. Crum 

If you’re looking for a vegan and organic product, swap your regular milo with Crum from Flora Foods! Healthier than a green smoothie and more delicious than cookies? Count us in! Crum by Flora Foods is lovingly homemade in Byron Bay, Australia. Sprinkle it over ice cream or eat a spoonful straight from the tin — the possibilities are endless and the choice is always yours. Crum is also a gluten-free food and is GMO-free, vegan and organic too! A true household staple created for families to sip on while making memories.

Buy Non-Alcoholic Drinks & More in Singapore 

Ready to make that switch and still lead a healthy lifestyle? Low in sugar and calories, and free from any gluten, preservatives, and artificial flavours, it’s easy to fill your tummy without any guilt when there’s an entire selection of beverages and gluten-free foods available online. With our Australian grocery store, you can skip the trip down to the store and simply cart out sugar-free and gluten-free products online. Enjoy free delivery for orders above $100. So what are you waiting for? Explore other vegan products, and non-alcoholic drinks online!

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