Honey For Life Organic Karri TA 30+ (260g/500g)

Honey For Life SKU: HONEY-THC-KARI260
Honey For Life Organic Karri TA 30+ - GoodMates Fine Food

Honey For Life Organic Karri TA 30+ (260g/500g)

Honey For Life SKU: HONEY-THC-KARI260
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This exquisite golden honey is collected from the flowers of ancient giant Karri tree forests near the country town of Walpole in the far south of Western Australia. The Karri trees are some of the tallest in the world, some even growing to reach a gigantic 90 meters in height.

These trees are unique to Western Australia and only flower every 7 - 10 years or so, making them a rare jewel in our honey collection. The honey yielded from these flowers has a Total Activity rating of 30+ and is smooth and rich

Total Activity is the measurement of the honey's anti-microbial quality, it's anti-microbial strength in killing bacteria. Any honey with a TA rating higher than 10+ has beneficial antimicrobial properties. The larger the TA number, the stronger the antimicrobial effect level of the honey.

Total Activity Rating = 30+

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